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You Travel & Teach Scholarship Fund

Financial status should not dictate access to opportunity

Our scholarship funding is directed first and foremost at applicants who, due to financial limitation, would find participation in an international teaching experience unattainable. All applicants are automatically considered for need based funding when they apply for the summer program. 

About Our Funding


Here at You Travel & Teach, our mission is to offer international teaching experiences to better the world. Yet, we also believe that financial status should not dictate access to these opportunities. We started the You Travel & Teach Scholarship Fund to increase access to and participation in international teaching experiences among individuals whose financial situation would not normally permit unpaid personal development opportunities.Our funding is allocated first and foremost to applicants who are in a position of financial need. Then, funding is earmarked for a specific demographic with the intent of increasing the socioeconomic, racial and gender-identity diversity in our programs. In 2023, we awarded over $4,500 to help young people access our teach abroad programs. Help us reach this same goal in 2024!

It is not an exaggeration to say that the intangible benefits for our participants are immeasurable. International teaching has the power to change perspectives, and in a world as divided as ours is today, a changed perspective has the power to change lives. Not only will participants return as more confident, mature, capable versions of themselves, but they will also have expanded their world view. Furthermore, our participants will have contributed to the development of English language skills in Italy, bettered their Italian language and intercultural skills, and improved their ability as teachers. Don't just take our word for it, scroll down to see what our participants from last year had to say.


The Benefits of Our Program

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"You Travel & Teach provided me with an incredible opportunity to travel and see the world. I am studying to be a teacher, so the program matched perfectly with my interests. I can't recommend the program more highly to anyone who wants to spend a summer doing something worthwhile!"

Madysen Craft, Participant 2023

What Previous Participants Have Said:

You Travel & Teach is a small, international exchange organization committed to bettering the world, one teaching experience at a time.Your contribution represents an opportunity that one of our scholarship applicants didn't previously have. Not only are you supporting grassroots change, but you too are bettering the world we all share, one opportunity at a time. Your financial support has the ability to make a long-term, fundamental difference in one of our participant's lives. Will you gift the power of a changed perspective?

Why Donate?

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Gift a changed perspective
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Ready to Donate?

Thank you for considering supporting You Travel & Teach's scholarship fund with a financial contribution. Use the form to support our fund with a credit card donation, or alternatively use the yellow "Donate" button to proceed via PayPal. If donating with a credit card, consider adding an additional 3% to your donation to cover the cost of credit card processing. Please also note that at present, donations are not tax deductible. Thank you so much for your interest in supporting others on their travel and teaching journey!

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